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Football Academy Training Camp



In a 50 hours training program in 15 days your children will develop their skills with practices for abilities, basic technics, conditions and special inefficiencies in soccer with the help of experienced trainers who raised succesful Turkish soccer players. While family members have a happy vacation, children will go back to their country as a star candidate.



  2 Weeks


- 04 June

/   18 June
- 02 July /   16 July
- 27 August /   10 September


In Justiniano Hotels, our children will become very happy and prepare a base for
success while you are having a great holiday with the beauty of mediterenean
geography and the hospitality of the hotel. Addition to special activity opportunities,
Ultra All Inclusive concept and all varities of sea foods, great feasts of taste
which are prepared by Italian La Trattoria’s and Otoman cuisines’ succesful cooks
will wait for you.



Cumhuriyet Cad. 39/4 Taksim - İSTANBUL


: +90 212 237 90 60 - Fax: +90 212 237 95 85


: wts@wts.com.tr

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