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Football Academy Training Camp



In a 50 hours training program in 15 days your children will develop their skills with practices for abilities, basic technics, conditions and special inefficiencies in soccer with the help of experienced trainers who raised succesful Turkish soccer players. While family members have a happy vacation, children will go back to their country as a star candidate.

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Principles of Youth Coaching:

Avoid – laps, lines and lectures – You would be better served to play small sided high intensity games that encourage fast play of short duration than to make your players run laps for conditioning... [ More... ]


Education Levels Of Kids And Youths:

Coaching children under six years of age presents some additional challenges due to their immaturity, short attention span, and less developed muscles. [ More... ]


Characteristics of Leaders :


"Leadership is like gravity. You know it's there, you know it exists, but how do you define it?"

Great leaders come in many forms. In one sense solid leadership is a subjective thing, in another there are certain characteristics that are, by consensus, typical of quality leadership. Leadership is the process of influencing team members to work hard towards, and be committed to, team goals. Leaders can either be task-oriented or person-oriented.  [ More... ]

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